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Total stress management is a comprehensive bio.psycho.techno.spiritual theme of this site. It should be part of an advanced TQM system; a Holistic Quality System which is in turn an integral subsystem of Total Excellence System. The goal is to simultaneously prevent and manage internal and external conflict, minimize waste and encourage holistic resilience.
To do right work, and work right, the TES system would be a top down / bottom design where each aspect of the design is optimized for quality, reliability, LEAN processes, creativity, innovation and wellness.
The TES system is applied throughout the enterprise and at each program phase and phase gate, from concept through design, development, production, distribution, service, and continuous improvement feedback and feed forward.
The total stress management system, as part of the HQS and TES system, is applicable to all types or organizations, including: industrial, business, health and wellness, academic, governmental, religious and more.

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